Can boys and girl be friends

Can boys and girls be friends? I honestly do not know… 

I have loooooaaaaadddsss of femal friends but the second me and them become really close I start getting feelings, not like relationship feeling but like guys are gonna be guys I have always wondered if it with the same for girls but like I guess it does not matter I mean everything in like is about temptation we need to be strong enough to resist the urge that is haunting us I mean it is gonna be hard but I have managed to just just scrape by a couple times and hay I’m still fine­čśé


Untitled #7

Untitled #7

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Fuck boys…

Fuck boys is a term to describe  A manipulating dick who does whatever it takes to benefit him, regardless of who he screws over. They will screw over anyone and everyone as long they get what they want.

Now I have a lot and I mean a lot of female friends they probably out number my male friends about 10:1 and as a result of this I have to spend a lot of time sorting out breakups and listening to them about these “fuck boys” and it all comes down to the same thing this guy seemed really nice in the beginning and then realized that when he has a girlfriend he can’t go out on the pull and can’t just do why he wants and they end up leaving in a cloud of heart break and tears. 

Now I have a question for all girls how blind are you guys I mean I ask my friends the same question over and over again what was your common date ? And they either say going to the mall or movies or whatever. Not once has a single one of them told me that the guy made some effort found out what they liked to do and did something special for them… I mean girls come on you guys deserve special so please do me a favor and just be more careful cuz trust me there is a fuck load of fuck boys who are out there to hurt you. 

Off the bat…

To start things off let me firstly tell you a quote i have for myself…it goes as follows , “i am the gayest straight guy you will ever meet” and i mean this is no way other than i care about what i look like and my hair and my appearance aswell as the fact that I cannot stand it when guys treat ladies badly, not only this but I am also a hopeless romantic and take so much pleasure from pleasing women either prefect picnic on the beach ans. In my blog I will be talking about a load of crap actually but crap that I feel people need to bring up, crap that will show girls that there are guys out there that care and crap that will maybe hopefully enlighten some guys out there